Thomas Brainsky

thomas brainskyThomas is an entrepreneur who saw the opportunity to purchase two dental labs as a means of earning a living for his family while providing a service that truly benefits those who need the quality dental restorations a dental lab provides.

Thomas’s background is in commercial aviation, a career he began in 1997. Over a 15-year span, he developed a passion for client service, business management and problem solving. In 2007, he left his job where we was in charge of worldwide charter operations for a major U.S. airline and started his own business with his wife, Sheri. That business grew immediately and became one of the premier ground operations support companies in the country. His company has proudly managed the charter flight ground operations for clients ranging from presidential candidates and famous musicians, to sports teams, the Department of Defense and many well-known corporations.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Thomas saw an opportunity to diversify and purchased a dental laboratory in an effort to hedge against a volatile airline industry. Today, he and Sheri operate Bonifate Dental Lab in addition to other business ventures.

He’s also a licensed private pilot. With whatever free time he manages to get, he loves flying, playing golf, grilling, and enjoying time with family, friends and his dog.

Sheri Brainsky

sheri brainskySheri began her dental career in 1995, and spent most of that time either as a dental assistant, dental administrator or office manager. She has a strong passion for detail, which has made her ideally suited for a business that requires careful precision. She has also played an integral role in the management and growth of her and her husband’s entrepreneurial ventures. While generally not the face of the business, her strengths in organizational management and accounting have provided a solid business backbone for the couple’s ventures since they began operating businesses in 2007.

When she is not in the lab, she enjoys reading, spending time with her dog and cats, hiking and relaxing in the sun.