We are a team of highly skilled, highly trained technicians who are all cross trained in order to form an effective team of Experts in Dental Technology.  This team of professional individuals together embodies a team with over 140 years of collective experience.

John Crown, Bridge and Implant Technician

John graduated from Dental Technology school and 1984 and now joins us after spending 30 years in the Dental Lab field.  John is also a former education co-chair of the Minnesota Dental Laboratory association.  He has held positions of Lab Manager of medium sized dental labs as well as prior ownership of a smaller boutique lab in the Midwest.

When he’s not working implant cases or ensuring our metal substructures exceed our high standards, John can be found playing a stand up Bass in the local music scene.  He also has a passion for making wooden stand up bass instruments.

Jim  Crown, Bridge and Ceramic Technician

Jim’s dental career began in the US Air Force where he was trained in all facets of the dental laboratory field.  His career’s primary focus over the last 25 years has been in Crown and Bridge.  Jim’s skills and knowledge base are a big asset to our clients and the lab.   Although he’s capable of doing everything in the lab, he is mainly functioning as a ceramist.  In the role as a ceramist, he puts his heart into every crown, bridge or implant that he touches.

When he is not at the bench, he spends his time cooking with his wife, riding his motorcycles or enjoying time with their Greyhounds.  He also spends time exercising and helping out at his church.

Mel  Model Technician and Lab Coordinator

She began her career in the lab nearly 30 years ago.  Knowing that a good crown starts with a good model, Mel puts her heart into making sure the starting point for all of our cases is as good as it can possibly be.  Mel also keeps her finger on the pulse of the lab at all times.  She knows every case by name and keeps track of the status of all the cases as they flow through the lab.  We are blessed to have her on our team.

Mel graduated from Central York High School and has lived in your county her whole life.  While outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her son as well as doing volunteer work within the community as often as she can.

Mark Removable Prosthetics Specialist

Mark has been a technician since the early 1980’s.  Having received his education and training from the US Air Force, Mark is a very knowledgable and skilled technician.  Before joining the team at Bonifate, Mark gained experience working at all types of labs from large manufacturing labs to small offices that had in-house lab technicians where he gained an even greater level of knowledge by working directly with doctors in the operatory.

Mark loves experiencing different challenges every day and knowing that no two days are ever the same. He takes pride in being able to build something with his hands and see that it comes out nicely.  When he’s not in the lab, Mark can be found at Heagy’s market at the Saturday Market in Middletown where he enjoys serving his customers with quality meats and cheeses.

Steve CAD/CAM Dental Technician 

Steve recently completed his undergraduate degree and is in the process of applying to Dental School where he hopes to become a Pediatric Dentist.  Since joining our team, Steve has shown a passion for dentistry as well as a great desire for learning.   This is reflected in his continuous improvement in managing the daily workflow of our CAD/CAM operations.

When he’s not scanning and milling crowns, he is out playing baseball or enjoying his passion for automobiles.

Jen Removable Prosthetics Assistant Dental Technician 

Jen graduated with an Associates Degree in Dental Technology from Commonwealth Technical Institute.  She has a passion for working with her hands and being able to use her artistic talents to help others.  Her goal is to continue her growth within the Dental Technology field.  Since joining the team, Jen has developed into one of the most impressive wax technicians and appreciated junior tech’s that any other visiting technician has ever seen.

In her free time, she enjoys her pets, good food and traveling.