Bonifate Dental Lab offers a wide range of crown and bridge options to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

BMZ Crowns

Bonifate Milled Zirconia

Bonifate Dental Lab is the only lab in York that can produce full contour BMZ crowns, which are made of zirconia and provide a better fit and better translucency to restore form, feel and function. BMZ crowns also are stronger and provide better aesthetics than any of its competitors on the market today.

Now offering the all new Ultra High Translucent “Anterior Zirconia”

  • Same great benefits of regular Full Contour Crowns
  • Most translucent Zirconia on the market today
  • Great for single crowns and up to 3 unit bridges
  • Looks just like eMax

BMZ crowns come in two options: Porcelain Fused to Zirconia, and Full contour

BMZ FC crown benefits:

  • Produced with CAD/CAM precision accuracy
  • Ideal for bruxers and grinders
  • Conventional Zirconia Flexural strength 1,200 MPa
  • Anterior Zirconia Flexural strength 600 Mpa
  • Stronger than PFMs with no chipping
  • Aesthetic alternative to full cast crowns
  • Chamfer prep recommended
  • Conventional cementations
  • Smooth surface reduces calcification and plaque buildup
  • Healthier in the mouth than metal

BMZ PFZ crowns begin with a zirconia substructure.  We then layer porcelain on top as well as a stain and glaze.  The result closely resembles a natural tooth. PFZ crowns are made using the most advanced technologies available to provide predictable, attractive restorations with optimally functional occlusal surfaces that require little to no chair-side adjustments.

Benefits include:

  • Produced with CAD/CAM precision accuracy
  • Perfect for anterior or posterior indications
  • Conventionally cemented
  • Standard all-ceramic prep
  • Stronger than PFMs
  • Chamfer prep recommended
  • Understructure flexural strength 1,200 MPa
  • More aesthetic than PFMs, and with greater translucency and reduced risk of fracture
  • Healthier in the mouth than metal

IPS e.Max

  • Highly aesthetic
  • Great for anterior crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays and inlays
  • Flexural strength 400 MPa
  • Can be pressed or milled
  • Conventional cementation or bonding
  • Shoulder/chamfer prep

Full Cast

Our full cast crowns offer a stronger restoration for tight occlusal clearance without damaging opposing dentition. They can be custom fabricated in gold, semiprecious, precious, or hypoallergenic nonprecious alloy. Full cast gold restorations continue to be known for long-term durability in posterior crowns.

Our York facility can provide next-day crowns to dental practices in the York area.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

  • Proven durability
  • Natural look
  • Ideal fit
  • We use only hypoallergenic alloys

Some dentists trust the durability of PFMs over all ceramic crowns and for those professionals, our PFMs remain a trusted option for restoring smiles.