The Boni-FIT denture is our premium denture created using the Success Injection System to give a more accurate and aesthetic product. Bioform IPN teeth are used in this high quality denture to maintain aesthetic superiority.

Standard denture – Conventional pressure packing techniques are used to create an accurate fit for this product. TruExpression IPN teeth are used to establish an aesthetic appearance that will satisfy the doctor and the patient.

Economy denture – Conventional pressure packing techniques, along with Dentsply classic teeth provide a quality denture without breaking the bank.

FRS partials – Our resin flexible partials provide an aesthetic alternative to cast metal partials. They are lightweight, comfortable and stronger than competing flexible materials. They also are less likely to stain, which keeps them looking better longer than partials made with alternative materials. TruExpression teeth are used to maintain a high aesthetic quality. They are also easy to adjust, which saves patients and doctors time and money.

Vitallium 2000 Cast Partials

Our partials are cast with hypoallergenic metal to help patients maintain optimum oral health. They are designed with fit and comfort in mind, and provide excellent function in addition to high aesthetic quality.


Hard night guard– Our all-acrylic night guards provide a durable occlusal surface to prevent future damage to teeth for heavy grinding and bruxing patients.

Resilient hard/soft night guard – Our dual acrylic night guards are fabricated from a soft acrylic material that hugs the patient’s teeth to provide a more comfortable, accurate fit. These guards are surrounded by a hard acrylic to provide a durable occlusal surface.

Soft night guards – This cost-effective alternative maintains a comfortable, accurate fit. It is not recommended for heavy bruxers.

Essix Appliance – Durable custom retainers to aid in the retention phase following orthodontic treatment.

Custom Trays – For at-home teeth whitening systems.

Repairs and Relines

Our Hanover dental lab location offers same-day repairs and relines. Please call for more information.