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Surgical Guides

Surgical guides that are planned from the Restoration down vs the Bone up provide for greater Aesthetic results for the patients. By starting with virtual teeth placement and then working within the planning software to achieve the best implant placement, the final results are predictable. There are tremendous benefits to this process for everyone involved. The surgeon is provided with all the information needed to perform guided, predictable procedures to enhance patient safety. The Restorative Dentist is more confident that the outcome will be positive for the patient. Because the process took place by starting with a restorative design, the process is tailored to achieve that outcome. The Patient benefits from the possibility of an immediate load temporary or a temporary that provides tissue healing with an improved emergence. They also benefit with a natural looking restoration that reduces the chances of unintended angulation issues.


1st Appointment:
CBCT and
Intra - Oral scans (preferred)
  • Impressions if desired
  • Shade selection
2nd Appointment:
Surgery -
Lab will provide:
  • Implant Planning
  • Pre-Approved Surgical Report with color hard opy for day of surgery
  • Drilling Protocol - with color hard copy for day of surgery
  • Surgical Guide
    Temporary Screw Retained PMMA Crown (optional)
3rd Appointment:
Integration Check
  • Intra oral scan or impression for final restoration
4th Appointment:
Delivery of
final restoration


Dental implants have always been a challenge for most dentist everywhere, but surgical guides have changed the game forever. As of today, these guides offer many advantages to both the patient and the dental office performing the procedure. Our mission is to ensure that implant surgeries are stress-free, safe, and predictable. With our expertly designed surgical guides, we are abled to meet the varying needs of every case, regardless of how complex or simple it is.

Accurate Placement

Dentists have struggled with correctly placing dental implants ever since they were first developed. While it hasn't been due to lack of skill by the dentist, it was mostly due to the fact that these implant sites are very difficult to see. The introduction of surgical guides led to a decline in improper placement of dental implants. The guides provide reassurance to dentistry professionals that implants are placed correctly.

Faster Surgery

Dental implant surgery used to be a lengthy process, but with the use of surgical guides, things have really sped up. Intead of having dentists use traditional methods to find implant sites, the guide is simply placed over the site, and the dentist goes to work. These guides allow dentists to know exactly where the implant needs to go, which results in a lightning-fast dental surgery. These surgical guides decrease the amount of time needed to perform surgery by ensuring every step is planned out beforehand. This efficiency allows less time spent chair side and in the operatory.

Peace of Mind

Implants are becoming increasingly popular among the cosmetic dental industry, due in part to the fact that they provide a natural tooth replacement. Today, dentists - and their patients - now have peace of mind that these implants are placed in the precise location. And as we've come to learn through our research, this peace of mind is vital for you. Each of our implant guides allows for ease of use, comfort and accuracy when being placed.


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