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We are a team of highly skilled, highly trained technicians who are all cross trained in order to form an effective team of Experts in Dental Technology. This team of professional individuals together embodies a team with over 140 years of collective experience.


Lab Manager and Ceramist

Trish joined the Bonifate team with over 34 years of experience in the dental laboratory field. She completed formal laboratory training in the US Navy. Since leaving the military in 1988, she has worked in various labs, including managing the ceramic department at a large lab in south central PA. She specializes in aesthetic anterior work, full arch restorations and custom shading of crowns. In addition to her reliable quality, her other most reliable trait is her servant’s heart. Everyone from her co-workers and clients to even our client’s patients all benefit from both her skills and caring heart.

Trish enjoys time spent with her dogs, kayaking down the Yellow Breeches Creek, and traveling the globe.


Denture Department Manager

Denise came to Bonifate with over 30 years of removable prosthetic experience. Having spent most of her career working for a much larger laboratory, we have been blessed to have her join our team. Since the time that she came onboard, her department has seen steady growth and maintains industry leading remake percentages. She has also taken a leading role by helping less experienced technicians improve their new found craft. Without sounding too braggadocios, it might be fair to say that we have the best denture tech in the area. If you don’t believe that, just send a case and see the difference.

If she isn’t at the bench, you’ll probably find her spending quality time with her family either in the mountains or at the beach.


CAD/CAM Department Manager

Audrey’s dental career began as a dental assistant. She accepted a position with Bonifate Dental Lab and became a Stain and Glaze technician. Once here talents and eye for detail were realized, she was given a chance to work in the CAD/CAM department and she stepped up and overcame new challenges as if she were a seasoned professional. Since that time, she was elevated to CAD/CAM department manager where she works hard every day to achieve better results for our clients and constantly seeks ways to improve reliability in production.

When she is not at work, she can be found enjoying quiet time with her kids on a kayak or proving she has some deadly trivia skills to anyone that challenges her.


Customer Service Manager

Kim joined our team by providing rock star administrative support. With her years of experience working in restaurants, she can pick up a ball that’s about to drop in less than a half a second from the point it’s let go which is how Kim has used her multi-tasking skills and quickly moved her way up in the company. By growing with the lab, she has been elevated to Customer Service Manager and we believe she’ll have great success in her role as we continue to grow by providing great service to our clients.

When she isn’t working to keep us all organized, she enjoys hunting with her father; antiquing; reading and spending quality time with her family.


Crown and Bridge/Stain and Glaze

When Sarah came to work at Bonifate Dental Lab, we weren’t sure what she would be good at, but her attitude was fantastic. Not long after she started, we discovered that she was very good with trimming dies. In addition to dies, she does a great job with preliminary crown and bridge functions such as investing and pressing. Recently, she’s been getting very good at metal finishing and we even discovered that she has talent with staining and glazing.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying ice cream and looking forward to Christmas.


Denture Technician

Gloria came to Bonifate Dental Lab with virtually no dental experience. We took her on because she proved she had the skills to work here by proving that she taught herself how to make her own acrylic partials on Youtube. Not only that, but she fabricated her own dental lab tools to make her own partials by using parts she found at the local hardware super store. While she might not have been a highly experienced technician when she came here, she certainly had some McGyver skills. While working under Denise, Gloria has blossomed to be a supremely teachable and capable technician.

When Gloria isn’t at work, she also enjoys spending peaceful time on a kayak or she can be found fabricating whatever she needs out of whatever she can find.


Crown and Bridge / Ceramist 

Merle is an energetic ceramist with a winning attitude.  He brings years of experience and a desire to constantly improve his craft. He grew up as the son of a great dental technician and has a passion for learning and using his hands to make beautiful fixed prosthetics.  

If Merle isn’t stacking porcelain, he enjoys Boston Redsox baseball and playing golf. 


Model Technician

She began her career in the lab nearly 30 years ago. Knowing that a good crown starts with a good model, Mel puts her heart into making sure the starting point for all of our cases is as good as it can possibly be. We are blessed to have her on our team.

Mel graduated from Central York High School and has lived in your county her whole life. While outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her grandson as well as doing volunteer work within the community as often as she can.


Crown, Bridge and Implant Technician 

John graduated from Dental Technology school and 1984 and now joins us after spending 30 years in the Dental Lab field. John is also a former education co-chair of the Minnesota Dental Laboratory association. He has held positions of Lab Manager of medium sized dental labs as well as prior ownership of a smaller boutique lab in the Midwest.

When he’s not working implant cases or ensuring our metal substructures exceed our high standards, John can be found playing a stand up Bass in the local music scene. He also has a passion for making wooden stand up bass instruments.

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