What’s the number one way to make your current lab even better, improve quality and service and stave off price increases? Start working with a new one!

Sometimes, getting better results from your current lab can be as simple as just introducing a new lab to your practice. Why? Because most labs, especially large corporate labs, focus more on their newer clients than those that have shown they are “safe” because they’ve been around a while and likely will not switch.

Unfortunately, this this sense of “taking a client for granted” is not always noticeable because you, the long-time client, do not have a new dentist-client of the lab to compare service levels, product quality, follow up and prices with.

Trust me, it’s happening.  In those instances, labs tend to allocate their best employees, create their best cases and ensure no delays for their newest dentists who have not yet built the habit of using their lab. When dentists show they will not try other labs, those dentists begin to experience more price increases, less favorable handling of complaints or repairs and a reduced sense of innovation.

Compare this to what happens when the driver of your current lab tells his manager he’s been seeing Bonifate boxes on your outbound shelf. Not only does a regular relationship with Bonifate, even for a few cases a month, improve your relationship and keep prices down with your current lab, but it also gives you a great alternative should anything go unexpectedly wrong with your current lab.

There are so many great reasons to use a new lab alongside the one you’ve been using for so long.  Not only will you have a great backup lab with people you know, but Bonifate is a mainstream-priced lab, so you’ll also be able to negotiate better prices with your existing lab, or at least stave off price increases, when that lab knows you’re also using Bonifate.  In addition, using another lab ensures you are learning more about restorative options, learning opportunities and techniques.

Keep in mind, labs, especially larger corporate labs, are motivated to bring you the most cost-effective and profitable solutions for them – not you. Whereas privately-owned labs like Bonifate and its team of talented technicians are always looking for ways to achieve better restorative outcomes for you.

Because of our motivation and putting your successful outcomes first, often times, using Bonifate can expose your dental office to new restorative and cosmetic capabilities and unique skill sets and talents within the team.

In short, creating visible competition for your current lab business means both labs are going to continually try to outperform each other, and that means continually better quality, on time performance and service from both! Not only won’t it cost you any more money, but likely it will stave off price increases and actually save you money.

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