If you’re looking for a reliable dental lab, look no further! Bonifate Dental Lab understands that efficiency and accuracy are vital when it comes to receiving products from a lab. We offer many products and customized products to get you and your patients exactly what they need.

One of the exclusive products we offer are BMZ Crowns. BMZ, or Bonifate Milled Zirconia, is a type of crown that is an amazing option for dentists. We are the only lab in York Pennsylvania that can provide full contour BMZ crowns. These crowns are made of zirconia, which is a material that is widely used and regarded as one of the best substances to use for crowns. We offer full contour for BMZ ensuring that your patient gets the perfect fit every time so that a dentist’s job is made easier. Restoring a smile is no easy task and we are here to help!

Zirconia crowns have countless benefits. Below are just some of them.

Advantages of a Zirconia Crown are:

-Durable: zirconia crowns last longer than other types of crowns.

-Appealing: these custom crowns have a translucent color that allows it to blend in seamlessly with other teeth.

-Retention: With Zirconia, patients can retain more of their existing tooth with minimal preparation. This can be useful if the crown needs to be removed.

Bonifate Milled Zirconia crowns are undoubtedly a good choice if you are looking for a strong and appealing crown that will please patients. These BMZ crowns are the ultimate option for covering up signs of damage or staining. It also helps maintain the form and functionality of the tooth.

Bonifate offers an astoundingly fast turnaround: usually as little as five days in the lab for most crowns. Our company also offers expedited options for dental practices that are located within a ten-mile radius of our location, which is in York, Pennsylvania. Please take advantage of our expedited services if you live nearby! BMZ crowns are clearly an amazing product, call today!

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