An e.Max crown is a non-metal, all ceramic crown with good esthetics and durability. They are long-lasting and less likely to crack, chip, or fracture compared to zirconia crowns. Because e.Max crowns are made only of ceramics, their biocompatibility with the tissue is higher. e.Max crowns can be made on a model, or with CAD-CAM for faster results.

e.Max crowns are considered to be the best match for natural teeth. Their transparent color and realistic shape make it unlikely that anyone would ever notice the crown amongst the natural smile. Because there is no metal alloy base with this crown, there will not be any sort of grey line around the gum line, which can occur with other products.

Unlike zirconia, which is monolithic, e.Max can provide full contour in the wanted areas. There is no need for veneering ceramic or for enamel removal. Due to the minimal reduction of the tooth substance, e.Max crowns can be cemented with ionomer cements.

When using e.Max the preparation of the tooth is a bit different. If the patient has very small teeth, there may be no need to remove any tooth substance. Alternately, if the teeth are damaged and heavily colored, there some tooth substance will need to be removed to reach healthy tissue.

e.Max Indications:

– Full coverage veneers

– Layered Veneers

– High Opacity

– Anterior & Posterior Teeth

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