Our goal is to become the number one choice for dental restorations in the area.  It’s a pretty lofty goal when you think about it.

Let’s take look at the economic conditions for dental labs: Only a few short years ago, it made the most sense to work with your local labs. However, with current globalization, the entire world market is now open to dentists for their restorations. Competition used to mean the guy down the street and, of course, the big brand labs. Today, the competition between dental labs is so severe, many of the smaller, local labs can’t survive.

Manufacturing capacity supply is at an all time high and therefore the prices of restorations have fallen to very low levels. Profit margins are so low that in many cases, it doesn’t even make sense to fabricate crowns locally, so they get outsourced. Most small businesses can’t survive under these conditions unless they keep costs low and become as innovative as possible with production and product quality.

With headwinds like that, it seems like setting a goal to be #1 is crazy. Over the last several weeks, we have contacted hundreds of dental offices in York, Adams, and Lancaster counties. We knew we couldn’t shoot for #1 without knowing what the clients really wanted. Although many dentists said pricing is important, it wasn’t the most important make-or-break decision point. Quick turnaround times and accurate fits are what the majority of offices reported as the most important factor is deciding to switch.

We also recognize that many doctors are extremely loyal to their current vendors. Some of the time, that loyalty is based on personal relationships, but more often than not, it’s based on reliability of product. One surprising thing we heard was that many offices would settle for “ok” because they are used to it and know what to expect, versus trying something different even though it could be better.

How can we accomplish the goal of being the #1 choice in the area? Every facet of production has been analyzed and adjusted to provide excellent turnaround times on restorations that fit, with minimal to no adjustment in the chair. Are we perfect? No, of course not, but the doctors that have tried us so far have told us they are pleasantly surprised, and continue to send us their cases. We’ll let our work speak for us … literally. If you haven’t looked into our Switch & Save program yet, please check it out: Zero risk to try a lab that maintains a high rate of successful casework. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, why not give us a try – you too might be “pleasantly surprised!”

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